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 "The Ainiu" Finalist Winner at the NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE BOOK AWARDS In a long-ago time when elves, dwarves, druids, and magical creatures lived on Earth, Duida, the Elven Princess and the chosen one, embarked on a fantastic quest to awaken "The Ainiu" save the Elven kingdom from the forces of evil. Thus, the most incredible spiritual adventure of all times will open in front of your eyes, revealing deep and profound truths about the nature of reality and the path of Self-Transformation towards full Enlightenment in this life. In these pages, you will learn incredible secrets about your Authentic Self, as you will be challenged, like the heroine of this story, to face your own dramas, strategies, and the masks your ego uses to cloak your true inner reality. Great spiritual truths are revealed for the first time here that will dispel all the many lies about proper Spiritual Development and take you to a true understanding of Self-Realization, Enlightenment, and the Reality of the existence of God. Besides the incredible spiritual revelations presented in this magical book, it also reveals for the first time secrets such as:

*Learn about the origin of the Elven race

*The existence of the Reptilians and their plans

*Secrets about the ancestry of our Moon

*The Mu Continent

*History of the three Atlantis

*Lemuria and why it was created

*Hollow Gaia and its civilizations Agartha and Telos

*Elemental beings within the planet and their functions

*The Fairy realm and its inhabitants

*Who is Gaia, and how are we connected to her

*Secrets of the Dragons and their lineages

*The original Druids philosophy and magical practices

*The separation from Lemuria and Atlantis eventual fell

*Mars and the foundation of our pyramids *Venusians' Legends

*The Draconian Race and Universal domination and much more…

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'Tuimm Sanat". Before humanities' birth, a great universal drama unfolded, affecting Creation for eons. In it, extraterrestrial beings from the other side of the galaxy fight for the gift that God the Supreme Being gives to each being at the moment of its Creation: Free Will. It is an incredible legend rescued from before the origin of the concept of time, which reveals mysteries such as the origin of Eden and Humanity. It opens our consciousness to conceive a reality that is not limited to the reality frames that our civilization currently presents us. Extraterrestrial life will never be seen in the same way because, little by little, it is revealed that perhaps, for many of us, our true home is in the stars. We will understand, like never before, who God is, the purpose of Creation, and the manifestation of all beings.


In the same tradition of his award-winning book "The Ainiu," Cyndarion writes this treasure trove of spiritual teachings full of spiritual realizations revealed during the story, creating profound and positive life-altering changes towards a new and beautiful inner reality.

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"Temple Devotions to God" In collaboration with God, Master Jesus, Master San Germain, Master Galitica Maitreya, and Master Cyndarion Ainiu, we present to you with all our love daily devotional prayers. We hope to inspire you to attain the highest goal in life: A genuine relationship with God, the Supreme Living Being Personality of all Existence.

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