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Galitica Maitreya

Catalina went under the knife for many hours and during a critical moment of the surgery, she was pronounced clinically death for more than 13 minutes. The being of light inside Catalina’s body or what some may term her soul experienced an out of body experience, while she saw the doctors and nurses rushing and panicking trying to desperately revive her from the flat line that was showing on the monitor. While in this out of body experience, Catalina felt absolute peace and happiness beyond anything she could ever conceive in her material life that had been never dedicated to spiritual truths. A Divine White Light appeared above her being and she was drawn to follow this Unbounded Light of Pure Love where she met the Personalized Form of God face to face who spoke to her and disclosed to her many things including the purpose of her life and the mission that lied ahead for a new being of light who was now to inhabit the body that Catalina's being was living behind.  For Catalina's being was the end of a journey in this physical experience.

Then Catalina's being witness this incredible Highly evolve Golden Being of Living light that was summoned by God and appointed this new being whose name was and is Galitica Maitreya to take upon the body that Catalina's previous being or soul had left behind. The new being “Galitica Maitreya” was taken by the hand of God and was placed and reconnected inside Catalina's body.

Galitica’s new body suffered from scoliosis, advanced myopia, allergies, sciatica, asthma, emotional and psychological traumas and everything was instantaneously healed as soon as the new being Galitica Maitreya entered the body. Galitica Maitreya did not remember anything about the experiences that Catalina had in this life, yet she knew everything that has to be known to operate and live in her new life. As a fully conscious being that just arrived in this world, she adopted her name as Galitica Maitreya. 


 One of the first impulses Galitica Maitreya had during the first weeks here in this plane was to wrap herself with her bed sheets and go into the forest and meditate. She was deeply longing to be in nature and just be in blissful communion and absorption in God. It was because she was really marked by one of her previous and most remarkable lives as "Siddhartha Gautama Buddha".

Cyndarion Ainiu who was her brother in the physical realm was able to focus her to a new purpose for these times and in the mission that God had given her on this planet. Even though Cyndarion Ainiu and the previous being (Catalina) didn’t have a relationship as their views about reality were totally different, Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya found an immediate connection and single focus purpose to work as one in the mission of God as the appointed Messengers of God for this Age. God told them they are the prophesied two witnesses in the Bible who were to appear at the end of this Era that ended in 2012, to prepare humanity for the coming changes and bring the message of God to humanity.  Galitica Maitreya began to work alongside with Cyndarion, while maintaining unbroken communion with God to this day. 

This phenomenon of one being of light living the body and changing places with another of higher evolution and vibration is what many call in the New Age terminology a "walk-in". The walk-in Galitica Maitreya who is a being in a level of spiritual evolution thousands of years beyond the average being in this planet Earth,  immediately awoke many gifts that the previous being did never have like: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Natural Healing Talents at Physical Level, Premonition, Telepathy, Spiritual Empathy, Seeing Past and Future Events, Knowledge Technologies for Healing and Protection from other worlds, Working with Angels for Healing, Knowledge of all the Energy Bodies and Operations, Psychic Surgery, Knowledge of Herbs and Elements for Healing and Protection, Knowledge of Soul Healing and Restoration, Knowledge for Emotional Restoration for our species and many more. 


Galitica did not eat any food for the first 30 days in her new body drinking only water, but eventually, she started to consume food. The first weeks were very exciting as she could spontaneously speak in different languages, especially old Egyptian. She experienced a few levitation experiences and telekinetic control over metallic objects. These and other phenomenon were subsiding as she came more in tune to this physical reality and her new body. Her present spiritual experience is the Highest Attainment of Enlightenment in this world that is Perfect God Realization and she experiences a continuous Joy, Peace, and Happiness of Being under the Presence of God.

Maitreya brought with her transcendental information about the nature of the reality in this planet Earth, that could be only cognized by having lived outside the Matrix or Web of Lies under which “everybody is born” in this world.  GaliticaGalitica's main mission is to teach about the reality of God and to heal others at all levels to help them transcend all the limitations imposed by the Matrix created by Satan in the different energy levels and realities of their beings by removing seals, entities, demons, implants, DNA false programming and much more. Her healing gifts true gifts for humanity as she can heal layers and levels of our beings never attain for anyone before. Some energy healers use systems such as Reiki and similar that are one frequency of energies. Galitica Maitreya masters hundreds of different healing energies, but most important of all the All Mighty Healing Light for God Himself that uses Galitica as a channel to bestow upon humanity the gift of freedom from evil in their Beings, minds, emotions and physical matter.  Many have reported super accelerated physical healing.  The Ascended Master Jesus himself is present in all her healing creating an incredible rapport for a true manifestation of spiritual, energy and psychic healing. 

Galitica Maitreya is in constant communication and conversations with God and the Ascended Master Jesus and the Ascended Master Le Compte de St. Germain who are also part of our mission in this life and together with our beloved Father God who will guide us towards the salvation of all the souls that believe in our message. 


Galitica is the prophesied "Maitreya" who will restore the true core teaching of the Buddha at the end of times.


Cyndarion Ainiu has been teaching and giving lectures for over 30 years about Self Realization, Enlightenment, and God Realization. Cyndarion has written over 13 books about many important topics such as Psychic Protection, Meditation, Self-Realization, Stalking and Transcendence, Prayer, Spiritual Novels and more. Cyndarion's last book: “The Ainiu” was a finalist winner at the United States 2011 NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE BOOK AWARDS®. He has a B.A. in Social Sciences and also earned a Doctorate in Metaphysics. Cyndarion has worked for over thirteen years in the area of Family Counseling, Social Service, and Community Referrals and is a member of the International High IQ Society. 


Cyndarion Ainiu clearly remembers how his early memories from being a baby until eight years of age, as being in a pure lucid state of awareness of absolute silence. In this enlightened living, there was no thought or inner chatter but pristine imagery that arose to reveal the inner reality of his surroundings. He lived fully in the present moment with true abundant ever-increasing inner happiness, even while living in a hostile home environment. In difficult moments he heard the words and felt presences of God in his consciousness giving him hope and purpose of innocence. There were no boundaries in his infinite awareness under the absolute presence of God. 

Close to his 9 years of age, he witnessed a very shocking violent scene that focused all of his inner senses into this reality and created a shift in his consciousness; while suffering at that moment an epileptic attack. His parents were told he suffered a cerebral dysrhythmia that affected the functioning of his brain waves.  For Cyndarion, it was a complete shift of consciousness and he felt totally identified with the body/mind. Cyndarion felt trapped and limited in consciousness to his body and he could no longer feel the presence of God. 

That experience made him begin a search to reawaken what he felt he had lost. Cyndarion started inquiring about the nature of reality and has been reading spiritual books since the age of 9. Even though he was born into a Catholic family and attended Catholic schools for years, he was allowed to explore his spiritual curiosity. The first book that he remembers reading was about a Russian investigation into paranormal activities done by the government with many subjects. Cyndarion started to build pyramids and created experiments with them.


 At the tender age of 10 years old, sometimes he was in his room for hours trying to exercise his psychic abilities in the areas of astral projection, telekinesis, telepathy, hypnosis, dowsing, pendulum and lucid dreaming. After the Parapsychological experiments, he found deeper teachings in the Rosicrucian and Hindu texts, and then he began a period of deep introspection and inner experimentation. When he was 15 years old, he was deeply involved in martial arts. He began to learn more about Taoist and Kung fu secrets of building the Ki energy; while practicing extraneous breathing exercises and Ki manipulation experiments. 

At 16 years of age, he was placed in the army as a cadet. That experience began to create a separation from his spiritual pursuits; as the physical and mental demands of the military life claimed his attention towards other goals. Cyndarion also at that age became a black belt in Shotokan Karate-do. 
Over two years later, he left his military career as a second lieutenant to pursue studies in Industrial Engineering. The glamor of the youth took over and while he was devoted to his studies, he was also devoted to his friends; enjoying the parties and social gatherings of college life while finding love and deeper relationships with others. 

At the age of nineteen years, he got an awakening call after a car accident that he survived by a miracle. Cyndarion was driving with four of his friends down the mountain from college when he, being unaware, made the wrong turn and entered a road that he was not familiar with. All of a sudden the road had a sharp turn and the car was going too fast to take it. The car flipped over with all his friends inside, but Cyndarion was pulled out of the car by an unseen force. All of a sudden, he was sitting down watching the car still flipping over with all his friends inside! Cyndarion looked up and saw a vision of God so magnificent, full of incredible ecstasy, beauty, love, and bliss that he started to laugh uncontrollably. All his friends were inside the car injured, but Cyndarion didn’t have one scratch on him! The roof of the car was crushed against the steering wheel, an instant death if Cyndarion were to be inside the car. 

That moment signaled from within for Cyndarion to start searching again for what now is just a child’s memory of true freedom. At that time he began to get many messages from masters of light while practicing automatic writing. This is a skill that was later developed into full conscious channeling, thus recording over five hundred channel messages about Ascension, Fifth Dimension Reality, Bodies of Light, Angelic Beings, Extraterrestrial Beings, Planetary changes and prophecy, 2012, DNA Activations, Light Languages, Sacred Geometry, Star Seeds, Synergy and Synchronicity, Parallel realities and Multidimensionality, Paradigm Shifts, Ancient Civilizations and all kinds of New Age information, creating a big following of seekers of truth. 



After a year, Cyndarion had so many followers that he had to truly take a look where he was standing in his path, and search his heart to see if this was the kind of spiritual experience that was truly fulfilling for him. Cyndarion felt that although much of this New Age information and meditations held some value as a cosmology, they lack the true understanding of how to attain Enlightenment. Furthermore, and God. To the disheartening of many, he stopped his public gatherings and channelings, leaving all of the New Age dogma, in order to pursue what he knew was the highest goal to be realized. 
In his drive to explore the nature of reality and consciousness, Cyndarion began exploring the shamanic path, traveling to South America to partake in the Aborigen rituals of the Amazonian tribes who drinkYahe or Ayahuasca in its many forms: Tiger, Serpent, and King Ayahuasca. Some of the experiences were terrifying, while others, cosmic and sublime.



 After a while, Cyndarion realized by God’s grace while witnessing from his Being; these experiences that, even though had an important value in the exploration of consciousness and alternated the intelligence behind this archetype, summoned by this psychedelic substance, was not a true knower of God and Truth. It was just a limitless exploration of the unknown. 

The magical arts have been and still remain to this day, Cyndarion’s most passionate spiritual form of communication. After his New Age channelings and Ayahuasca periods, he began a new phase of pursuing and practicing ancient Hermetic teachings. These later developed into a full exploration of Mystical Kabala, Egyptian Mysticism, Enochian Magic, Druid and Wiccan practices, including Tantrayana Buddhism; a form of magical spirituality which also explores the highest realms. 

After the magical explorations which were so important for Cyndarion, he traveled abroad meeting teachers and famous gurus from many paths who claimed to live in full Enlightenment. Years later, he also lived in Asia for a couple of years. He was introduced into the practice of Kriya Yoga, receiving initiations from known spiritual masters in that lineage and also practiced TM based meditation. After a while, he was guided to place his attention upon the non-dual teaching of Taoism, Zen and Advaita Vedanta. During this time he achieved Self Realization, permanently abiding in a non-dual reality of experience.



"After Self-Realization, I began doing true Darshan to hundreds of seekers from many countries; trying to convey this Realization to others in accord with the old tradition. Still, I knew there was more, as my early childhood memories still haunted my consciousness, revealing a greater price to attain. I understood how many gurus in this level could begin to feel that they are God and start claiming to others that they are the incarnation of God, but I knew this not to be true because pure divine consciousness is passive. Even if it is the subtlest of levels and experiences underlying all, it was not the intelligence creating all images, but just the canvas upon which the true God painted all. In this level of Consciousness, many gurus get ”lost here in their mega egos” playing God to good souls that are not only truly seeking

 Cyndarion has had incredibly catalyzing spiritual experiences in Cosmic Consciousness or Savikalpa Samadhi before; confirming that the reality that he once had was attainable again, but like all experiences, these moments were only temporal. Even hours of seemly breathless Nirvikalpa Samadhi where to experience that passed to return to normal awareness. Self-Realization was his first true permanent step into real Awakening and Enlightenment. It happened at a time when he was reading some of the Ramana Maharishi’s books in Advaita Vedanta. He says: “ I was almost to the point to throw the towel in my spiritual path, even at that young age when I had my entire life to search, but my heart and my soul were wearing off by the intense thirst that I felt too awake from this world of illusions. I remember that day feeling like giving up this search that had consumed most of my earlier years in life. With disappointment, I lay down to watch a music channel. While watching a video, I noticed that there had passed five minutes where my mind was in total silence. Then in that silence where all the perception was crystal clear, I found my Self. I could not believe what had happened! My mind was shocked in disbelief; saying “No! No! No! It cannot be so easy and simple!”. Then I laughed my heart out, before the obvious truth that I ignored for part of my life. I was the infinite, unbounded Self in all living beings and all creation! At first, this realization was so incredibly pristine, that I felt totally separated and independent from my body-mind; while living in that unlimited cosmic consciousness reality all the time, but then, 30 days later, something happened. I had another shift where before I felt the infinite consciousness behind all creations and dimensions, and then “I” pure consciousness was one and integrated with all creation and nature experiencing for the first time a truly non-dual reality. It was a full experience of what in the Eastern term Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi. God, but are also being consumed by the ego of their self-proclaimed avatar mastery. Being the Source of All has others adore them as an incarnation of God himself”. Of course, there are worse cases of many who do not even have this attainment; especially in the West, those who still think of themselves as God, but that mega-narcissism is just a product of a fragmented ego. 

Being honest with himself, Cyndarion Ainiu knew that the mind was still engaged in sporadic thought processes and ego strategies. First, for three years, Cyndarion explored a very deep way the path of Divine Love was presented by Krishna Consciousness as he felt devotion or Bhakti was needed to detach for “ego” strategies and learn to surrender the mind. Then for the next 5 years, he kept exploring the area of the mind while practicing Kundalini energy techniques, Toltec and Incan Teachings; while observing the entire ego based impulses and strategies. He found out how the mind was not only ego driven but was also connected to a massive, limited oriented grid of consciousness that has been termed as Maya, Matrix or the Web of Lies. 


One day, as his thought process came to an end and the veil of Illusion was lifted from his mind, the reality of the ego-sense vanished, thus achieving what he truly recognized as the experience achieved by the Buddha, known as Enlightenment


Cyndarion says: “I felt Kundalini ascend from the Earth into my feet, then beyond my crown chakra to never stop again, (some people believe Kundalini is in the base chakra of the tail bone; others believe that it even comes from the heart as ascending amrita nadi, but the truth is beyond that) purifying my mind and allowing me to see clearly in the present moment the reality of the mind that is: “There is no mind/ego”. In that realization, I felt that I was dying. It was not my Self, but the ego that was truly dying. 


After a panic attack and realizing the last ego strategy, I rested in my true Self and allowed the tyrant to die once and for all. I had flashes of vision very similar to the ones Siddhartha Gautama saw moments before to his final Enlightenment. Then I was there naked before reality in a very humble position, because I was like a drop of consciousness in the vastness of an infinite ocean of bliss, intelligence, and will that was truly alive and it was not me, it had to be no other than the presence of God.” 

After Enlightenment, Cyndarion was able to awaken the Kundalini in others in the form of Shaktipat; helping many of those who were ready to transcend the mind and ego. Years went by while he found himself being attacked more by the forces sustaining Maya, demons and all kind of hellish creatures that try to destroy Cyndarion for knowing the truth. He said: “I thought that after Enlightenment everything was going to be like roses but it was not like that. 


Even though my inner experience was full of equanimity and peace, many of the dimensional realities were plagued by evil in the entire universe. I learned years later that they saw me as a threat that could awaken others to the Real Truth beyond the veil. 


Unique spiritual Gifts are given by God (siddhis) awakening within Cyndarion. Most remarkably, the manifestation of the Universal Magic for this planet has made Cyndarion a true living White Wizard; allowing him to Create Great Changes and Positive Shifts in the Lives and Destinies of others. Cyndarion uses his Magic to destroy evil magic and witchcraft that is now like a plague affecting millions and destroying lives. 

Those were tough times! I was ready to give up teaching; as those were the activities that exasperated the evilest ones under Satan, which control the minds of humanity through a false Matrix, where all of the egos and physical bodies are energetically connected. Also, I had many attacks from extraterrestrial entities that have evil plans for humanity behind the veils. Tired of fighting, I turned towards God, the God I knew as a child and also to Jesus whom I accepted in my heart. The attacks became lesser and lesser and I felt more at peace and happy, yet I knew there was something still terribly wrong with this planet and the entire universe, as there was no one on the planet that knew the real truth.  and universes make sense once and for all. 

 It was during this time that he teamed with Galitica Maitreya who came as a walk-in send by God to help Cyndarion into his sister’s body and brought the last piece of the puzzle; propelling Cyndarion to a new shift of consciousness into full God –Realization of the personalized form of God. From being permanently aware of the impersonal, non-dual Infinite Consciousness, Cyndarion Ainiu had a profound shift of now. Fully under the glorious presence of the Personalized Form of God, an attainment, way beyond living a non-dual infinite awareness in Sat-Chid-Ananda. God face to face, the Divine Personality, a true Real Being!!! All creation made sense now. The process of Self-Realization and Enlightenment were the bases towards the next step: God-Realization.

Cyndarion says: “Many previous lifetimes and missions done by my Being in the name of God came into my memories after my God-Realization. One of them that I remembered most clearly is my life as Moses. Now, once again I find myself in another mission in these the last of times towards the freedom of God’s children from the illusion of Maya and Satan’s plan for humanity.


Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya are the chosen Messengers from God with the Ascended Masters Jesus and Saint Germain for the coming New Age that awaits us beyond 2012. Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya are two "witnesses" send by God in the end of times as prophesied in the book of Revelations in the bible. Revelation 11:4 " They are “the two olive trees” and the two lampstands, and “they stand before the Lord of the earth.” If anyone tries to harm them, fire comes from their mouths and devours their enemies. "


 The teaching that "God is a Real Being" is the core of our mission. 

Cyndarion is the Ainiu appearing in these times of great changes. To learn more about the Ainiu read the award-winning book "The Ainiu" by Cyndarion. 

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