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There are 8 main aspects of our Reality including our connection with God:


 1- The Physical Body

 2- Your Real Self or Inner Being

 3- The Soul 

4- The Chakras 

5- Astral Body

6- Aura 

7- The Cord of Light 

8- God 


1-The physical body is what you call reality. It is what you identify as being human and when you look in the mirror term: I am (plus adjective). This body is impermanent and susceptible to pain, suffering, sickness and death. This body is in constant change from your birth to the moment it dies, from infant, boyhood, adolescent, adult maturity, old age and then permanent death to never return. It was created from physical matter and it will dissolute in the matter in a cycle of life or matter transformation. This physical body is just a magnificent vehicle for your Real Self or Inner Self. 


2-Your Real Self (or Inner Being from the point of view of the physical body/mind) is a manifested as a body of Pure Living Light, Energy, and Vibration and it was created by God. This body is inside you physical body where witnesses all the experiences during the present incarnation. When the bible reads: God created us in His image…. It is referring to this body of light, not the physical body. This body of light or inner-being has the following qualities given by God. It is made of pure living light, Eternal, Immortal, never gets old and never dies and can evolve without limits. That is what is meant: made unto the image of the Most High God, but will never be as God Himself. This body of light who is your true Self is what travels the path of evolution in countless on incarnations and experiences that allow your Self to evolve and grow. All beings are created unto the image of God but are like infants that just begin to explore God’s creation in that way experiences the unlimited possibilities so we can grow, transform and learn.


3- The Soul: In this graphic, the soul is represented by the golden sphere of light in the heart. The soul is you as Pure innate Consciousness created by God where all the experiences of your Real Self-are recorded forever and it is through you soul that God can see your level of evolution, your karma, what life experiences you need to keep growing and evolving. Your soul is like your real self: Eternal. 

4- The Chakras: These are energy points through which your Real Self express and connect to the physical matrix of the body/mind. It is a misconception to think that the chakras originate from the physical/etheric body when in truth emanate from your Real Self, manifesting different qualities and vibrations through the body and higher vehicles. 

5- The Astral Body: Another vehicle where the chakras truly manifest as energy vortex with different vibrations and colors. We represent this body and the blue energy around the physical body. This is an emotional body that can shape shift and through it, many other realities can experience similar to the ones you experience in dreams. Some mystics have been able to consciously project the astral body to higher dimension and experience those realms. The astral body includes the etheric body and the astro/mental matrix. 

6- The Aura: It is an energetic field created by the vibrational emanation from your Real Self, coming through the chakras and creating this bubble of individuality and protection around your Real Self and other vehicles such as Causal body, Celestial body, Higher Mental body etc. The aura serves as a spiritual protection when is working fine while rotating and purifying it self. 

7- The Tube of Light: This is energy, light, and vibration descending from God into your Real Self. Part of your spiritual evolution is to improve that connection with God during your spiritual evolution. The tube of light or white light cord should be not conceived as a tridimensional connection, but a connection that transcends time, space and dimensions linking you to God. 

8- Above the chart, we see GOD who is the Supreme Being of all Existence, Creator of Universes, Father of all children of Light (Real Self) and giver of Life. There is not an individualized presence of God as many new age groups promote in their teachings, there is only one God to whom we (beings of light) are all connected. 

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