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In the article God and Self we explained the different levels of experience the inner being has in relation to God and we name mainly 8 parts. In the number 2 we explained about the inner being this:

“Your Real Self (or Inner Being from the point of view of the physical body/mind) is a manifested as a body of Pure Living Light, Energy, and Vibration and it was created by God. This body is inside your physical body where witnesses all the experiences during the present incarnation. When the bible reads: God created us in His image…. It is referring to this body of light, not the physical body. This body of light or inner-being has the following qualities given by God. It is made of pure living light, Eternal, Immortal, never gets old and never dies and can evolve without limits. That is what is meant: made unto the image of the Most High God, but will never be as God Himself. This body of light who is your true Self is what travels the path of evolution in countless on incarnations and experiences that allow your Self to evolve and grow. All beings are created unto the image of God, but are like infants that just begin to explore God's creation in that way experiences the unlimited possibilities so we can grow, transform learn and evolve.”

The inner being is not a mere presence or pure consciousness but is a real being with intelligence, form, energy and fully independent from the material mind and body. This is a very important concept that we are revealing here for the first time because many believe the inner being to be one with the outer being (mind and matter) and that is not the case. The material mind is ruled by the ego and it is connected to Maya or the Matrix that creates an illusory reality for all. On the other hand, the inner being is not connected to Maya or the Matrix so the inner being can see Reality as it is all the time. 

The inner being has thoughts that are independent of the thoughts of the mind and a body independent from the material body. Imagine that you go into your car. The car is just a vehicle that you use and control, yet you are not the car. In this case, the inner being is the one inside the vehicle (material body) and sees the body just as an instrument. Part of the illusion on Maya is to have the vehicles (material body and mind) believe that they are the true reality and that the inner being is not-existent or at best a presence or formless soul that has no intellect, thought, emotions or body. 

The inner being has emotions that are veiled to the material mind and body due to the influence of the ego, Maya and false programing and input from the outer world. Many emotions that the vehicle (material body and mind) experience are products of Maya and not of the inner being. That is why Maya is a great illusion and it's seat on the mind is the ego.

Many think due to false teaching that the inner being is a Higher Self above us in another dimension that is perfect and divine. This is false and a theory created just to feed the ego and make the ego feel like his reality is god-like. The simple truth is that the inner being is inside the physical body and no outside. The truth is that inner being is not perfect and has universal knowledge. Only God is perfect and omniscience. The inner being is inside the body because is in a process of evolution, meaning that is in the path towards God and highest enlightenment something that takes thousands of incarnations to achieve and never ends because under God evolution is limitless.

Most inner beings have a very basic level of evolution on this planet and it is something that may hurt most egos that think of themselves divine or Ascended masters. For us, that can see the inner being in everyone is funny to see inner beings with a primitive level of evolution in vehicles (material minds and bodies) that think of themselves as great spiritual gurus and teachers and that actually have great followings. The reality is that because Maya just allows all to see the outer shell (body and mind) people believe only on what they perceive. It would be funny when people awake and see the reality and find their most evolve inner beings at the feet of elemental beings. The truth is that highly evolve inner beings in this world are rare and most times their missions are not even in the spiritual arena.

Some people think that when they die they will see appear in their body of light that is going to be exactly looking like the material body, something that is portrait in the movies and other false teachings. The inner being does not look like the material body actually is quite different from the material shell. 

How do the inner beings look like? Just as you see in nature as created by God a great variety of flowers, animals, rocks etc., the same way there are many types of inner beings. Here comes the shocker as our collective imagination has not been far from the true reality. Inside some vehicles (material minds and bodies) are living beings such as Angels, Fairies, Gnomes, Dwarfs, Djinn or Genie type, Elf, Extraterrestrial beings from all over the universe and more. That is the reality behind Maya and what is truly happening in this world.

But not all inner beings are connected to God like explained in the article God and Self in part number 7 with the cord of light. God gift to creation is Free will and many have given their back to God and not living from his light, but the light of other beings of light. That is the true source of evil in this world that begins within. Those inner beings appearance has been transformed and doesn't look like God's creation, but corrupted images of God's plan. We don't want to dwell much in this theme but stories like vampires, succubus, incubus, demons and others have to come from somewhere.

This is in synthesis as much what we can reveal now; a full book is needed to be able to explain the reality of the inner being behind the illusion of Maya and it is in our plans to write it soon.

God Bless you all,

Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya. 

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