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Why is important to take your shoes off before entering your home? As many of you know in the East is a common practice to take off your shoes. How do we dispose of unwanted waste in the physical body? Mainly through the anus, but also peeing and pore sweat. In the energy body, we have also a waste disposal system of all negative, polluted, contaminated psychic energies. In the sole of the foot, we have 3 specific points among many others. One is for anchoring our selves to the earth, the other of for interacting and connecting to nature and the last one is to energy poop, basically expel all that waste contaminating the aura and energy centres. In these time this point is not even close to being enough to get rid of all these energies so healing is a necessity, but it keeps working as best as it can. 

All these energies come out and where are the first point of contact if we are wearing shoes? Yes, the shoes that get nasty with these energies. Also, these energies are dispersed into the ground, that is why city sidewalks, streets and public places has the most horrifying energies impregnated all over the surface. Those energies also attach to our shoes. You get the idea now. So, if you enter your house with your shoes on all the negative energies you expelled and picked up in the street are going to be unloaded all over the carpets and floors of your home. Similar energies attract each other so soon your home becomes a magnet for these energies. If you take your shoes off and don't leave them outside and just put them in your closet, soon that room is going to be a charge of all this negativity that will start going into other areas of your home.


So, a solution for this modern times where leaving the shoes outside the house is not feasible can be to keep your shoes inside a chest or boxes. There are much more ideas and information about this simple topic, but I hope the information may assist those who are truly serious about keeping their homes as a temple of purity to practice spirituality.


Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya.

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