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                        DIVINE ENERGY HEALING

                  Performed by Galitica Maitreya and guided by the Ascended Master Jesus


While in connection with God using Divine Light, Energies Vibrations, and Advance Holy Golden Extraterrestrial Technologies:


* Chakra System will be Align

* Aura Purification, and Clearing

* Closing Energy Drain Channels

* Reconnection of all Energy points in the Meridian system

* Removing Negative and Demonic entities and Energy Blockages

* Negative Implants will be Removed

* Noxious alien viruses will be removed from the Energy Bodies

* Negative alien technologies will be deactivated

* Full synchronization between the inner Being and Matter

* Neurological pathways reconnections

* Destruction of negative Nano-tech

* Guided by God a full restoration of the inner Being as to the Highest good and Potential for you. 


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Performed by Galitica Maitreya and guided by the Ascended Master Jesus

Psychic Healing modality is more focus in the physical matter that constitutes all the cellular system that compose muscles, organs and skeleton.  Although Divine Energy Healing will impact the physical body in many different positive ways, a psychic healing is perform in an specific area of your body where there is illness or disease and there is a concentration to create a direct change and impact in that specific area.  Before a Psychic healing it is highly recommended a Divine Healing as many of the causes of a physical ailment may have as origin higher energy bodies that have been affected.  



We have many testimonies of people that have been healed from severe illness, back up with medical data such as MRI's from conditions doctors gave up on the patient. Read testimonials below.


If you are interested in a Psychic Healing please contact us:


Before starting this testimony, I want to thank with all my heart God who always pours his blessings on my life, my Masters Jesus, Saint Germain, Galitica and Cyndarion for being guides on the way to God full of love and patience. In my heart I only have love and gratitude for you my beloved Masters. A few years ago, on this plane, God gave me the blessing of meeting Master Galitica and Master Cyndarion, their messengers in this world, together with Master Jesus and Master Saint Germain who guide my way to God with love and patience, without However, making use of my free will which is a gift that God in his infinite love gave to all his children, some time ago I made wrong decisions that led to a situation of danger for my being and my matter. 

Due to my choices a rather risky situation arose. I was married to a being who does not have God in his heart, and this in middle of this relationship I became pregnant, however the being that lived in me thanks to his father's genes was not a being of light, therefore from the spiritual perception my body and my being (which is a being of light) were rejecting the pregnancy, which in the medical terms was an imminent threat of abortion without any explanation, since a bruise was generated very close the gestational sac, which for doctors can only be produced by a physical blow, however at no time did I have any type of blow. The hematoma detected by the doctors began measuring 17 mm, and in just one week it increased to 47 mm, even though all the medical recommendations were followed, the hematoma only increased in size, which for the doctors was an imminent abortion.

The first thing I did was ask my beloved God for help, who listened to me and the day after I asked God for help, he sent me a forceful response. Master Cyndarion and Master Galitica explained to me what my situation was and what was really happening explained to me the process to follow which God in his infinite love approved and without hesitation for a single second in my heart I accepted it. Thanks to the help of my beloved God, the Master Jesus, the Master Saint Germain, the Master Galitica and the Master Cyndarion, the being who lives now in my womb is a beautiful Being of light, and once this was accomplished and after receive a beautiful healing from Master  Galitica and Master Jesus the bruise and hematoma disappeared. So much so that the doctor treating the hematoma was surprised in the middle of one of the controls when he detected that the threat of abortion was no longer there and "did not even leave any trace as can be seen in the attached ultrasounds".

Before Healing Session


After Healing Session Hematoma is totally gone.


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Today with this testimony I just want to say that I learned many lessons, the first is that our beloved God always listens to us, loves us and it does not matter if the path we chose in the past based on our decisions was wrong, God always gives us the option to choose, and there the most important thing is to always choose with the heart and that our choices are always directed towards our path towards Him. Today with all certainty I can say that having Faith and love towards my beloved God was what saved me, and secondly, the divine healings of the Master Jesus and Master Galitica Maitreya are so beautiful and valuable which in the midst of all this situation were my help and my salvation, they are such holistic healings that they only help us to your being but also to your physical bodies, I am a witness to it and proof of it are the ultrasounds that I attach to this testimony. God bless you. With love... Mandalina Eunai

I My name is Bremal and I want to give my testimony to tell you that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer a while back. I felt very bad from the chemo therapies that they were doing to me since they were poisoning my body when my spiritual teacher Galitica saw me and told me that God showed her that I was dying since these chemo are poisoning my body and I was actually feeling worse every day. When the teacher started my healings I immediately started to feel a change in my body and I decided not to do more chemo and from then on I am carrying out this healing, they are divine for me coming from my beloved God and my spiritual teachers Jesus and Galitica, who have been a great relief for me in my heart . I want to say that right now I feel very good thanks to these healings that have been a relief for my life and that my faith grows more every day and this is the time for me to share the good news about these wonderful healings that have been imparted in me by these beloved teachers who I thank with all my heart and feel very happy at this moment to be part of the Temple of God.  Dear beloved brothers and beings of light know  that we are under the protection of my beloved God, thI wanted to tell you about my gratitude every day and my faith grow much more each day, thank you🙏💜

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