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This is an ancient initiation through which the master teacher who is living in Enlightenment transmits by grace of God an initiation in the form of an awakening purifying energy to the student, activated in the Causal Body permanent atoms and to the nervous system preparing to sustain this high purifying energies, thus awakening the Kundalini that in truth come from your feet as is the energy of creation and nature, but is felt activate at the base of your spine.


In this process  spiritual evolution is tremendously accelerated in the individual and what may take many lifetimes of spiritual effort can be accomplish in one. This type of initiation occurs in different ways always under the grace of God, and can be transmitted through sight, touch or delivering a mantra as is done in Eastern tradition. But the kundalini or universal energy does not belong to a single tradition and has been experienced in different traditions with different names, known more in the Christian tradition as receiving the Holy Spirit or for the mystics Shekinah. Once this energy is transmitted from the master teacher to the student, this energy begins to purify the individual little by little, creating clearing awareness in consciousness, calming the mind to attain inner silence while the energy ascends from the base of the column to the coronary chakra where deep peace, love and joy is experienced and the presence of God is experience like never before.


This initiation will be offered only to those who are ready. If you feel you want to receive Shaktipat you will need to send your photo so Cyndarion and Galitica can do a clairvoyant examination to see you your Being, energy bodies, mind and emotions are ready. If someone is not spiritually and energetically ready, and receives this initiation, the process of purification of the kundalini can be very intense, creating problems on a physical, mental and emotional level. Then please understand that if you are not offered Shaktipat initiation it is for your personal well-being and taking care of your spiritual evolution.

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