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Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya are two Beings who have awaken into God Realization. They have been chosen by God as the two messengers for the New Age. They offer unique tools for Self-Transformation that lead to Healing, Self-Realization, Enlightenment and Ascension.

For over 35 years, they have shared their knowledge and teachings on Meditation, Metaphysics, Planetary changes, the Evolution of Consciousness, Christ's Consciousness, and more. As a result, they have gained a following of thousands of students, clients, and supporters worldwide. 

Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya have also authored numerous spiritual books translated into various languages. 

Who are We?

Galitica Maitreya story is short to a miracle and began with a profound life changing experience in a delicate surgery, during which she experienced a Near Death Experience so transcendental the story of one life was changed forever. 

The given birth name for the physical body was Catalina Vanegas and the being living in that body was a simple being of light experiencing this dimension. Before the surgery Catalina Vanegas lived a life devoted to material pursuits and goals. She worked as a loan manager in a bank while also operating her own credit repair business from home. Vanity being one of the traits of materialistic a person drove her to undergo a big cosmetic surgery. It was during that long surgery that the Death experience happened.

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God and Self

The Inner Being

13 Commandments

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